She was born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lives and works. National Teacher of Fine Arts in 1967. Her works are being exhibited in Argentina and abroad since 1978, both individually and collectively.
She produces work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, graphic arts, lithography, objects, artist books, textiles and site specific installations.
She is a member of CRUDA (collective art group) since 2015.
She has been teaching uninterruptedly since 1966.

Individual Expositions (Selection):
Buenos Aires: Espacio de Arte Fundación OSDE – La Vidriera, Proyecto ACE, Centro Cultural San Martín, Carla Rey Arte Contemporáneo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Julia Lublin, Praxis, Atica, Arcimboldo.
Argentina: Museo Emilio A. Caraffa and Vía Margutta Gallery, Córdoba; Museo Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez, Santa Fé.
Abroad: David Perez, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Arteconsult Gallery, Panamá; Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Washington, U.S.A

Group expositions (Selection):

Mention Prize – 62 Salón de Artes Plásticas Manuel Belgrano
Mention Prize – 25 Salón Bienal de Textil
1st Mention Prize – Bienal de Libro de Artista, Museo Casa Carnacini
Mention Prize, XI Salón Nacional de Dibujo
2nd Prize BASF, Praxis Gallery
Mention Prize, Gunther Prize, C.A.Y.C.
Mention Prize, Pro Arte Foundation, Córdoba
2nd Engraving Prize, Museo Guaman Poma, Entre Ríos

1st and 2nd Prize Foreign Show 1996, A.I.C.A., for the exhibition “Señalar-Navegar-Desplegar” at Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
Honor Mention Prize, V Bienal Internacional de Pintura, Cuenca, Ecuador.